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Autumn plant SALE

We are happy to announce that we will once again have our AUTUMN PLANT SALE 7 & 8 May 09:00 – 14:30 Just a reminder that Autumn is the right time to plant Fynbos, as the soil is cooler and they can become established and develop a good root system before the next summer. Great… Continue reading Autumn plant SALE

Nightlife in the Garden – April 2021

Join us for a night tour through the Garden Route Botanical Garden, and try to spot our local nightlife. Be on the lookout for the Knysna dwarf chameleon, interesting insects, birds as well as our 11 different species of frogs!  Bring with: A flashlight A very good ear to track calls Lots of enthusiasm Starts at… Continue reading Nightlife in the Garden – April 2021

Leo, the Leopard Tortoise

Stigmochelys pardalis, more commonly known as theleopard tortoise, bergskilpad or mfutsu, is an attractivelymarked, long-lived member of South Africa’s ‘SmallFive’ (along with the rhino beetle, the red-billed buffaloweaver, elephant shrew and the antlion). The largestspecies of tortoise in southern Africa, the leopardtortoise is the only species in the genus Stigmochelys. The leopard tortoise is considered… Continue reading Leo, the Leopard Tortoise