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Level 3 restrictions!

Level 3 restrictions and how it affects the Garden:
After the President’s speech last night we would like to clarify any confusions.
With the new restrictions in place the Garden has to adhere to certain new regulations. The Garden will be open as access to the Garden can be controlled however in terms of the Covid regulations nobody should enter the Garden outside of opening times/through any gate other than the Protea gate. If it is found that people are entering through other gates/outside of opening times the Garden is in danger of having to close completely as it is then no longer access controlled. We ask all members to please adhere to these stipulations.

New opening times of the garden:
09:00 – 18:00
These times are from immediate affect

Covid 19 protocol when entering the Garden:
You will be required to sign in at the gate
Everyone entering must wear a mask, please keep your mask on at all times
Masks may be removed when exercising but the person exercising must keep the required social distance of 1.5 metres from anybody else.
Masks are only allowed to be removed by people who are exercising, everyone else in the garden must wear a mask at all times and social distancing must be adhered to.
You will be required to sanitise & have your temperature taken when entering

Level 3 restrictions

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A Night in the Garden

On the 24th of January, the Garden Route Botanical Garden hosted another successful Night in the Garden. The aim of this event is to introduce participants to the intriguing insects, amphibians and reptiles of the Garden Route.

The evening started with an enthralling, informative presentation by Garden Route Snake Rescue. The images below depict some of the highlights of their workshop

The crowd was first introduced to the non venomous Olive House Snake (imaged on the right) and the mildly venomous Red-Lipped Herald (imaged on the left)

We then explored the subtle difference between the rhombic egg eater (imaged first) and the rhombic night adder (imaged second). The rhombic egg eater is a non-venomous, toothless snake that feeds off eggs, but can easily be confused with the venemous rhombic night adder. The experts told us the difference lies in the shape of the snake’s heads (the egg eater having a wider more triangular shaped head).


After learning about the egg eater, the crowd was taught an interesting lesson – a boomslang is never a completely green snake. The boomslang (imaged first), is often confused with the Natal Green (on second).

The participants were then introduced to the truly venomous snakes of our region – from top to botton, the Rinkals, Cape Cobra and the Puff Adder.

Following Garden Route Snake’s wonderfully educational display, was an interesting and entertaining talk on the frogs of the Garden Route by amphibian expert, Ferdie de Lange. The Raucous toad (imaged above) was shown as one of the common frogs found in our homes, with a most unusual call.

Owing to the good rain previous to the event, the garden was teaming with life. Participants were treated to a cacophony of painted reed frogs and an excitingly large population of Knysna Dwarf Chameleons.



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New Research on the Leto venus moth in the Garden Route Botanical Garden

The Keurboom Moth (Leto venus) is a Moth endemic to the Southern Cape of South Africa. The large size and unique markings of this moth make it an incredibly attractive specimen to encounter. For most of its life, this moth lives as a larvae in the stems of Keurbooms and Honey Bush. Once the moth emerges, it scarcely lives for more than a day as it has no mouth parts.

Despite research on this moth dating back nearly 80 years, there is still much that it unknown about this moths life-cycle, habits, and morphology. Photographer, Naturalist and Garden Route Botanical Garden (GRBG) Enthusiast, Mr Colin Ralston has recently co-authored two research papers on L. venus based on data collected in the GRBG . This intriguing research studied the feeding habits of L. venus’s larval stage as well as morphological characteristics of the male moth. Below are links to his research.

2018 Grehan & Ralston Leto venus

Grehan, Ralston & Van Noort Leto venus

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Thank you to all those involved in 2019!

2019 has been an incredibly constructive year at the Garden Route Botanical Garden (GRBG). Many new developments took place in our Garden including the construction of a new parking lot and welcome bed, redevelopment of the Tea Garden, planting about 2000 new trees and many other exciting projects. None of these projects would have been possible without the generosity and good will of the supporters of the GRBG. This article intends to thank these good willed individuals.

The Construction of the new Parking Lot and Welcome Bed

  • WTW Construction donated a great deal of G7, as well as their machinery and expertise to level and construct the parking lot.
  • K1 quarries donated 120 cubes of G4 gravel as a topping to our road and parking lot to reduce muddiness when it rains.
  • Keith Kirsten and Elands Nursery donated R20 814.00 worth of trees for the isles of the parking lot
  • 2hire donated one day’s use of their Kabuta digger-loader
  • Tilly Reitz assisted in the landscape design of the welcome bed.


Figure 1: New Welcome Bed in Progress

Figure 2: New Parking Lot

The Restaurant and Tea Garden renovation

  • Colleen Gardner from Noordhoek, Capetown donated the Glass-House structure to the GRBG and contributed R 6000.00 to its transport costs to George.
  • Mr Ken Gie oversaw the whole operation from removing the glass-house in Cape Town to reconstructing it in the GRBG Tea Garden.
  • All the participants of the 2019 GRBG Golf Day. The proceeds of this event went towards reconstructing the Glass-House in the tea garden and redeveloping the surrounding garden.
  • Clint du Preez of Groundworx Landscapes assisted in the garden design.
  • BUCO donated some building materials to the project.
  • Prof Adré Boshoff donated varnish for the floors of the Moriarty Centre and the outside tables in the tea garden. He also made monthly donations to augment the salaries of two employees.

Figure 3: A sneak peak at our new restaurant


Abour Month Planting

  • The Department of Environment Forestry and Fishery donated 250 trees to the GRBG, 150 of which were planted in the garden.

Figure 4: Donated trees ready to be planted in the GRBG

Figure 5: Donated Trees ready to green a school ground

GreenPop Planting

  • GreenPop donated and planted 1 500 trees in the GRBG as well as facilitated the painting of a fantastic educational mural inspired by the plants and animals of Knysna Forest.
  • Sandy Haddad prepared the tree planting site with his subsoiler. Thanks to Sandy, our trees are now thriving.

Figure 6: Volunteers planting a forest during the GreenPop planting

Figure 7: An educational mural painted at our Education Centre during the GreenPop planting

Precious Tree Project Planting

  • Ray Nolan and Mellissa Dalton of Precious Tree Project planted 40 trees in the GRBG contributing to our new forest

Stiles Tree Planting

  • Stiles planted 20 trees in the GRBG during their end of year function. They intend to add more to this forest each year.


  • An unimaginable amount of work has been done in our nursery, propagation yard and herbarium by three invaluable volunteer teams. The GRBG would like to extend a Heart – Felt thank you to all those involved.
  • A massive thank you must also be given to the talented Mr P. Beukes, who voluntarily constructed a spectacular mosaic of the George Lily in the GRBG. Stiles generously provided the tiles for this project at a greatly discounted cost.

Figure 8: A beautiful mosaic of the George Lily – the GRBG’s Emblem

Other Important Help

  • George Municipality and George Golf Club shared the responsibility of cutting the grass in the GRBG.
  • Sandy Haddad continued to repair our tractor free of charge
  • Chipper SA donated the use of their wood chipper whenever the GRBG needed it.
  • Kelpak donated 120 l of Kelpak fertiliser over the last year.
  • Kraaibosch Nursery donated 50 Aloe vera’s.
  • Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden donated a diversity of fynbos and medicinal plants over the year, as well as training for the GRBG staff members.
  • An anonymous donation of R 5 000 was made to the GRBG nursery.
  • Kraaibosch donated pots to the GRBG nursery
  • Kazin trading donated the rental of a 2.75 x 2.4 m container on a yearly basis for the purpose of storage at our Environmental Education Centre
  • Dr Susanne Mc Gregor donated the purchase and installation of 8 blinds to the Garden Route Environmental Education Centre, making power-point presentations possible.
  • Afrigetics sponsored the labour for removing Typha capensis from the wetland surrounding our Bird Hide
  • Dr Daan Botha donated 6 boxes of botanical books to the Southern Cape Herbarium Library. An additional 3 boxes of botanical books were anonymously donated.

The lists of supporters mentioned above are just a few of a large number of fantastic individuals voluntarily making the operation of our beloved Community Botanical Garden possible. A great thank you to all those involved, and we look forward to another fruitful year to come for all!

Finn Rautenbach

Manager: Garden Route Botanical Garden


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2019 AGM

On the 22nd of June 2019, the Garden Route Botanical Garden Trust hosted our Annual General Meeting. At this well supported event, we discussed the successes of the year thus far. Below you can find the Curator’s report, where Finn Rautenbach sums up the Garden Route Botanical Garden Trust’s involvement in Environmental Education and Outreach, Fund Raising and Garden Development.

Curator GRBG AGM 22 June 2019

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Gholf dag 2018

Gholf dag

Die gholf dag wat op 27 September by George gholfklub, ten bate van die Tuinroete Botaniese Tuin gehou is, was ‘n groot sukses.  Die heerlike, sonnige dag het grootliks gesorg vir die lekker atmosfeer wat geheers het.

Die dag is gereël deur Johan Botha en Stephan Gericke – albei baie ervare in die reël van fondsinsamelings funksies. Ons groot dank en waardering aan hulle vir die tyd bestee, die kilometers gery en die oorredingsvermoë gebruik, wat tot groot borge en pryse gelei het. Roger Bath, Elizabeth Boshoff en Joan Shaw het ook ‘n handjie bygesit. ‘n Lys van borge en donateurs verskyn hieronder.


‘n Kruiwa vol drank is ook uitgeloof.  Hierbenewens is ‘n klein wynveiling net voor die prysuitdeling gehou. Buks Gericke het as afslaer opgetree.


Elke speler het ‘n prys ontvang.  Die eerste prys was twee slagskape wat deur Stephan geskenk is. ‘n Lys van die instansies en mense wat pryse geskenk het, verskyn hieronder.

Die kompetisie is gewen deur E Barnard en S Barnard. Jacques Snyman en Danie Conradie was tweede en Ruben Barnard en Martin Oosthuysen derde.  Daar is ongelukkig net enkele foto’s van die spelers geneem –  geen van die wenners – behalwe van Ruben Barnard.

Ons hartlike dank aan almal wat ‘n prys geskenk het, as borg of donateur opgetree het. Ons versoek dat u die instansies wat pryse geskenk, as borge of donateurs opgetree het sal ondersteun.

Die terugvoer aan Johan Botha het ons laat besluit dat, as alles goed gaan, die volgende gholf dag weer op die laaste Donderdag van September 2019 gehou sal word. Maak solank ‘n aantekening van die dag en datum.

Gholfdag Borge OKTOBER


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Arbour Week Plant Sale

Saturday the first of September marks the start of our Arbour Week at the Garden Route Botanical Garden Nursery.This celebration will continue until the seventh of September.

Expect to find a diverse range of healthy indigenous plant species available at affordable prices, including a notable range of different tree species. Selected plants will be sold at discounted prices.

Podocarpus latifolius (the Yellow wood) is the South African common tree of the year. In celebration of this, we will be selling yellow wood seedlings for R 10.00 each

Nursery times for the Sale:

Saturday 1st 08h00 – 14h00                                                                                                                                                  CLOSED SUNDAY                                                                                                                                                                    Monday to Thursday 08h30 – 16h30                                                                                                                                    Friday 7th 08h30 – 14h00