Education & Community Outreach

Environmental education forms a crucial component for continued survival on this planet. Humanity cannot survive without nature, and many of the problems facing humanity today: starvation, thirst, extreme weather, global warming and disease are all a direct result of the destruction of our natural environment. Recognising the value and necessity of this, the GRBG actively pursues environmental education and community outreach projects both in and outside the garden. The GRBG regularly undertakes tree-planting projects, public lectures, and environmental lobbying. 

The GRBG has both the staff and volunteer expertise and ideal facilities to compliment a practical outdoor classroom-learning experience. Through enjoying these facilities, individuals can interact directly with nature and be empowered to actively work toward a unified vision of a healthy earth.

The GRBG is home to the Garden Route Environmental Education Centre, the only of it’s sort between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. The building is first and foremost an environmental centre with the purpose of providing the community of the Garden Route with practical environmental education. “It is a centre where one can showcase our natural indigenous vegetation, our geological history and cultural roots as a human species. A “garden of Eden” where an understanding of our environment can lead to a better future for all”, Monica Vaccaro.