Level 3 restrictions!

Level 3 restrictions and how it affects the Garden:
After the President’s speech last night we would like to clarify any confusions.
With the new restrictions in place the Garden has to adhere to certain new regulations. The Garden will be open as access to the Garden can be controlled however in terms of the Covid regulations nobody should enter the Garden outside of opening times/through any gate other than the Protea gate. If it is found that people are entering through other gates/outside of opening times the Garden is in danger of having to close completely as it is then no longer access controlled. We ask all members to please adhere to these stipulations.

New opening times of the garden:
09:00 – 18:00
These times are from immediate affect

Covid 19 protocol when entering the Garden:
You will be required to sign in at the gate
Everyone entering must wear a mask, please keep your mask on at all times
Masks may be removed when exercising but the person exercising must keep the required social distance of 1.5 metres from anybody else.
Masks are only allowed to be removed by people who are exercising, everyone else in the garden must wear a mask at all times and social distancing must be adhered to.
You will be required to sanitise & have your temperature taken when entering

Level 3 restrictions