Meyer Von Wielligh supports Garden Route Botanical Garden

Meyer Von Wielligh supports Garden Route Botanical Garden and cares for the environment by offsetting its Carbon emissions

Passionate about nature, the furniture manufacturing company, Meyer Von Wielligh, continues to pursue environmental sustainability in all aspects of their work and personal lives. The company has now taken a massive step in furthering their pursuit of environmental sustainability through supporting the Garden Route Botanical Garden (which is a non-profit socio-environmental organization) by buying and planting a 110 indigenous trees, with their employees’ names on them, in an effort to offset the company’s carbon emissions.

As the issue of climate change and greenhouse emissions continue to grow and impact people so does the need to take action. In the light of these effects it is vital that businesses act responsibly. Realising that no business can operate without a carbon footprint Meyer Von Wielligh voluntarily undertakes to support the Kyoto Protocol (the main global piece of guideline charged with tackling climate change) by offsetting their carbon emissions in the Garden Route Botanical Garden (GRBG) by planting a 110 indigenous trees. Globally carbon offsetting through tree planting has been recognised as a way to take responsibility for unavoidable carbon emissions.

To explain in more simple terms, offsetting a certain amount of carbon means there will be that certain amount carbon dioxide less in the atmosphere than there would otherwise have been. Carbon offsetting is the fastest way to realise emissions reductions and the only way to achieve carbon neutrality. The GRBG now offers carbon – and water footprint auditing and management plans. Choosing to offset through the GRBG means you’ll support best practise projects that deliver value for the environment, your business and the local surrounding communities.