Objectives & Rules

The GRBG Trust accepts no liability for any loss or damage to Applicant while on the property. Access to the property is granted to persons entirely at their own risk. The Applicant hereby indemnifies the GRBG Trust for any such loss or damage he/she or his/her family members may suffer howsoever caused while using the garden.

You have a choice to either be an annual access holder or, on payment of a higher annual fee, to become a full member of the Garden Route Botanical Garden. Irrespective of which option you choose, the payment you make is neither refundable nor transferable should you decide to change options.

Dogs on leashes around garden and walkways but may run free in designated areas.

Owners to clean up after dogs – bins provided. Non-complying dogs and owners will be asked to leave.

Picking and collecting of plant material and disturbing animals are strictly prohibited.

Walking permitted on lawns and pathways only, NOT in developed beds. Picnicking allowed on lawns and designated areas.

No littering – what you carry in, please carry out.

No fires, braai-ing, camping, swimming, boating or fishing.

No firearms or fireworks ever. No alcohol.

Please keep noise levels down.

Ball games, frisbees and kites on Outeniqua Lawn only.

Vandalism is a crime. NO graffiti, carving on structures or trees.

Vehicles only allowed to enter the Gardens when permission has been given from the office or trust.

General speed limit 15km/h.

Membership Period: 12 months.