Science Week at the Garden Route Botanical Garden







The Garden Route Botanical Garden (GRBG) has an exciting programme lined up for science week this year, which takes place from 30 July to 4 August. The programme is aimed mainly at learners and the theme this year is “Deepening our democracy through science.”
• GRBG will collaborate with Nelson Mandela University to offer a course by Dr Tony Rebelo of the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI). The topic is “iNaturalist – an introduction to citizen science and how you can contribute”. Two kid’s courses on this topic will be presented on 30 July. Book early, as space is limited. Contact or phone 044 874 1558. An adult course on this topic can be booked with Di Turner at
• The highlight of this year’s programme is a pantomime by the award-winning Klikkerland. Performances of their shows are taking place in the GRBG as well as the Thembalethu Youth and Science Centre (TYSC). Bookings for the GRBT can be made at / 044 874 1558. For the TYSC shows, contact Nadine Nortier on / 073 279 8326.
Other exciting presentations to look forward to include:
• “Ecological intelligence” presented by the Landmark Foundation
• “Jobs for Carbon/Puzzles” presented by the Gouritz Biosphere Reserve
• Food Gardens presented by Finn Rautenbach
• Soil is life presented by Lorrinda Hakimi
• Reptiles we encounter presented by Nick Kolberg
• Botanical gardens: what they mean to society presented by Matt Seager
• Living Maths, (teachers training workshops on the afternoons 1 and 2 August) presented by Steve Sherman
• Chemistry: the use of Energy and where it comes from presented by Dr Louw Claasens
• Science of infectious diseases and the workings of the body by Dr Bert Hoogenboort
• An exciting 3D video titled Garden: How it is made will be presented by Werner Eckron.
• Heidendal Primary will present a short play about hygiene.
• Starry, starry night – a look at our heavens, will take place on Tuesday 31 July from 19:00 until 21:00 and again on Thursday 2 August at the GRBG Discovery Centre Telescope Pad. Pre-book with Gabby on 044 874 1558. This will be the first time the garden’s new telescope will be in action. GRBG thanks Case Rijsdijk for organising this as a permanent fixture in the garden.


    1. Hi Davie,

      The General public is always welcome at our science fair, and other public events that are held in the Garden.

      Due to Covid-19, the status of the 2020 Science Week has not yet been confirmed, but we will keep everyone up to date via our Newsletter which is published on our website and sent to our members.

      Kind Regards,

      Corne Brink

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