Aloe Display

The Aloe genus is a highly significant plant group, much sought after for their beautiful displays that brighten the winter landscape, as well as their vast array of medicinal properties. Aloe species are found in a wide variety of interesting growth forms, ranging from low-growing specimens to tall tree aloes. The horticultural value of this genus, coupled with their significant medicinal properties and ecological functionality, make them a noteworthy collection in the Garden Route Botanical Garden.

The Aloe Display is an impressive showpiece, displaying the wonder of Aloe species and hybrids from far and wide. Planted among bold table-mountain sandstone boulders, this bed is a true spectacle in winter. A future vision for this bed is to incorporate water-wise ground covers, providing wonderful flower shows throughout the year.

This well-known attraction is also a huge asset to the Garden Route Botanical Garden (and surrounding areas) due to the large groups of birds and bees that feed from the Aloe species’ inflorescences during winter months. As with all our beds, the Aloe Display is also used for educational purposes, both for the public and school children taking part in the Garden Route Environmental Centre programme, such as water-wise gardening techniques and medicinal uses.