Garden Route Medicine Wheel

This collection is one of the Garden Route Botanical Garden’s most unique, continuously developing project. The Garden Route Medicine Wheel displays plants traditionally used for medicinal purposes within the Southern Cape. Currently, the Garden Route Medicine Wheel harbours over 20 different locally indigenous medicinal plant species. Plants include Lessertia frutescens (cancer bush), Bulbine latifolius (rooi wortel), Artemesia afra (African wormwood) and Geranium incanum. Our team of trained botanists and plant propagators are dedicated in their mission to learn about, collect and incorporate more medicinal plant species into the Garden Route Medicine Wheel.

What sets the Garden Route Medicine Wheel apart, is the fact that it is not just for show, but is also a place from which medicinal plants can be sustainably harvested (with the prior permission and assistance of garden management). By providing education on indigenous medicinal plant utilisation as well as an opportunity to harvest them, the Garden Route Medicine Wheel acts as a concerted effort to maintain Southern Cape ecosystems and empower indigenous cultures. A true hub for education, ecological conservation and cultural preservation.