Mushroom Meander

This young forest is the perfect example of a successful Afromontane forest rehabilitation project. A walk through this magnificent indigenous forest is a must for anyone who wishes to unveil its extraordinary treasures. Two magical streams crossings and a rich tertiary sediment from the mountains have gifted this piece of land with wonderfully fertile soil. It is almost difficult to imagine that, a mere eight years ago, this richly diverse ecosystem comprised a stand of invasive alien tree species (previously an arboretum for the commercial forestry industry).

Other than being a safe haven for a variety of insects, birds, frogs, mammals and fungi, the Mushroom Meander is also of great educational value. This forest ecosystem is utilised in numerous areas of our educational syllabus. Visitors can also educate themselves by making use of the informative signage that can be found along the Mushroom Meander pathways.