Vygie Display

Plants of the Mesembryanthemaceae family (commonly known as Vygies) are generally comprised of hardy succulent ground covers or small shrubs. They are best known for their wide variety of brightly coloured flowers during the warmer, drier periods of the year. Located on the arid, west-facing wall of the Van Kervel Dam, the Mesemb collection is a developing project anticipated to become one of our major attractions in Spring and Summer, when it bursts into vibrant colour.

The Garden is proud to have one of the top Mesembryanthemaceae specialists in South Africa as its Southern Cape Herbarium Curator, who has ensured that this collection will continue to grow into a truly unique and spectacular display that will delight plant enthusiasts. In addition to attracting an array of interesting, necessary insects to the Garden Route Botanical Garden, the Vygie display also serves as an educational display of the drought-survival techniques used by succulent plant species, as well as showcasing water-wise landscape ideas for home gardeners.